Proposal for Renewal

Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 12.27.55 AMThe strategy I propose for the renewal of the pandura is a simple one. The construction of the pandura is simple enough, much like the structure of the ukulele, and should be easily built, with the exception of the moveable frets, which will take some fine tuning (again, no pun intended). I propose that we build our own pandura using cheap wood, and easily purchased metal strings from the hardware store, much like the process detailed on this site After all, what sets the pandura apart from other plucked-string instruments is essentially its name, its place in history, and the slight variations in its shape and construction. Other than that, the tuning, the operations, the playing of the instruments is not much different than a guitar/banjo and such other instruments.

The biggest hurdle would be in fact trying to replicate the music played by such instruments, as these lutes are instruments before the time of modern music; they did not have sheet music, or our interpretations of chords, chord progressions, harmonies, scales etc. And since there was no way to record these songs, neither written nor aurally, it would be a struggle.


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