Effect on Modern Music

A modern day banjo

While the pandura was not the most documented instrument from the Ancient Greek period, it had a profound influence in future stringed instruments in the same family. For instance, the modern instruments such as the mandolin, banjo, dambura, panduri, and phondar all have histories that can be traced back to the Ancient Greek pandura. While these names may not sound like common musical instruments in terms of contemporary American music, they are common lute like instruments in many cultures that played their own part over the ages in entertaining the masses in a similar fashion. What is more important however, is the attitude with which the pandura was played in Ancient Greece.

The same casual abandon with which the lute was played in the streets of Ancient Greece is mirrored by how people play the banjos on their porches or how people perform acoustic covers of popular tracks on YouTube with nothing but a ukulele and their voice. It represents mankind’s necessity for casual expression of their feelings, throwing aside formality and simply expressing oneself.


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